APEC Virtual Center for Environmental Technology Exchange

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Under the initiative of the VC Project, the APEC member economies opened a website called a Virtual Center and mutually provided and shared the environmental technologies information and knowledge offered by the governments, business and environmental institutions over the internet, creating a substantial network by organically connecting each VC and promoting the exchange of environment technology related information. We have strived to expand the network and promoted the transfer of technology. Advanced APEC economies have developed such technologies for energy and environment conservation with a considerable reduction in CO2 followed by the introduction of energy-efficiency technologies and with the achievement in the high energy efficiency encouraged by energy-efficiency measures. In this respect, APEC-VC is an effective project in implementing APEC growth strategies which we utilize for information on those technologies widely available in the APEC region.

The objective of this project is to exchange environmental technologies and products and then increase the green economy through the focuses on developing countries and SME’s environmental industry. We are planning to invite private sector such as environmental companies and provide a match making to find new supplier, consumer and new business partner. This will contribute to improve the ways of accessing to the global market for those technologies from SMEs.