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Title  Rapid prototyping machine by FDM method thum image
Product name Rapid prototyping machine by FDM method
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Date 2018-01-31 Hit 369
Contents Title of technology/equipment: Rapid prototyping machine by FDM method

Countries Technology offering : VN Viet Nam

Index classification SPC : Machinery and equipment n.e.c

1. Introduction:

There have been many studies published patents of FDM equipment as well as the applied researchs of rapid making molds to make the samples, and also to make the molds of products faster in the world. Based on the level of development of science and technology in the world and the demands of practical production of prototypes in Vietnam, mastering of the rapid prototyping technology by F

Areas of application:
- Mechanical engineering
- Manufacturing instruments
- Chemical technology. Chemical industry

Development status: Commercialized

Advantage :
- Stable operation;
- Simple structure, easily removable;
- Accurate transmission, easy adjustment
- Product are precisely processed, high quality;
- The ability of creating the designed samples and improving them more quickly and accurat

Mode of transfer

Rapid prototyping machine; FDM method; Prototyping machine; Plastic mold; Making mold machine; Special machine tool

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