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The Industrial Technology Development Institute or ITDI is one of the research and development institutes (RDIs) under the Department of Science and Technology. By virtue of Executive Order No. 128 dated January 30, 1987, ITDI is mandated to render a variety of services to local industries. It is the flagship agency of the Department, generating a large pool of technologies while providing technical services to industry.

ITDI is multidisciplinary with a unique blend of scientific disciplines, enabling the Institute to carry on its role as one of the active leaders in the country's industrialization program. Its R&D programs are anchored on its vision of propelling development while addressing the national call for job creation to help alleviate the plight of the less-privileged sector of society. R&D activities are focused on seven major areas, namely: food processing, materials science, chemicals and minerals, electronics and process control, fuels and energy, microbiology and genetics, and environment.

Cutting across these R&D disciplines/areas are three major programs that are being undertaken to beef up the Institute's capability in addressing industry and environmental problems in a multidisciplinary approach. These are: Packaging Research and Development, National Metrology, and Cleaner Production Technologies.

The Institute is also the national agency for tests and analyses, and custodian for weights and measures. As such, the ITDI plays a critical role in the standardization of various products and materials, and in the maintenance of the accuracy and international traceability of the various units of measurements. It provides tests and analytical services needed by government agencies and industries, for product/material evaluation, testing, and standardization; and establishes and maintains the national physical standards of basic and derived quantities (e.g. mass, volume).

Likewise, the ITDI rigorously pursues and sustains its R&D efforts and services to spur technology innovation and adaptation for possible commercialization. Through its techno-transfer program, results of R&D come to fruition, where small to medium businesses are started, thereby creating employment for many. In support of this mission, the Institute recently launched the Enterprise Modules (EMs) which are designed to facilitate the transfer of packaged technologies applying the concept of business incubation under terms mutually beneficial to both entrepreneurs and the Institute.

In addition, the Institute provides other services or interventions to industry to help modernize the production sector and improve their productivity. Such services cover a wide range of industry sectors and vary in the size of firms assisted and in the level of assistance.

Finally, the ITDI has established the Information 'one-stop-shop' to assist clients in availing of the Institute's services. With the Institute now linked on the net, the 'one-stop-shop' hopes to accelerate the promotion of all these services and programs; serving as the clients' gateway to the Institute.


List of Members

Economy Photo Profile
Chile member Name : Carmel Cruz Gacho
Position : Head, Waste Management Section Supervising Science Research Specialist (Ph.D.)
Affiliated : Industrial Technology Development Institute
Department of Science and Technology