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Title  Functional Eco Wallpaper (Meme) thum image
Product name Functional Eco Wallpaper (Meme)
Model name Functional Eco Wallpaper (Meme)
Telephone 053-555-0488 Email tpmkor@gmail.com
Company T.P.M Co., Ltd. Application Part
Attach File Recommend 1
Date 2018-08-10 Hit 1810
Contents - Product Information

TPM Wallpaper "Meme" is a new concept "Functional eco wallpaper" that reduces weakness of existing laminated wallaper and enhance strength of silk wallpaper.
When fire occurs, because of almost no toxic gas, it prevents death from suffocation.
Because it starts heat decomposition on high temperature unlike silk wallpaper, it has low rist fire.

* Waterproof : very slight tear and wetness caused by liquid.
* Durability : Guarantee of its life on discolor and abrasion like silk wallpaper and no scratch.
* Excellent color : outstanding color than other companies wallpaper
* Spec : 100% paper, 220g/m2, 3 patterns (grid, leaf, stone), health buiding material certification/eco label in Korea.
compitable inks (UV, LATEX, ECO SOLVENT)
* Width : 1060mm
* Length : 30m/45m
* core : 3 inch
* surface : glitter/semi glossy
* packing : plain white box with pallet

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